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Located southeast of Tainan City on the hilly area of Alishan and occupying a total area of 62.322km2, Longci District neighbors Sinhua District and Zuojhen District to the north, borders Neimen District of Kaohsiung City to the east, links up with Guanmiao District to the west, and connects with Tianliao District of Kaohsiung City to the south.
In addition to special landforms, as all low, flat hills under 200m in the district are formed by sandstone in the Toukeshan formation,most of them are badlands due to river erosion. Moreover, while mudstone spreads across Longchuan and Nioupu, soil in Shihcao area contains rich water-soluble salt after being washed and dissolved by rain. As the soil condition is bad, it is hard for plants to grow, and as clay minerals expand after coming in contact with water, soil and water conservation can only be done within one meter deep. Apart from the extreme difficulty of soil and water conservation, as side slopes are unstable, landside takes place whenever there is torrential rain.
However, these special landforms because of scouring and erosion over time have become the most characteristic natural landscapes in Longci District.
As the district is located in a hilly area at elevations of 80-351.65m descending from east to west, different landforms in different locations become unique landscapes in local areas. For example, although Ciding located in lower elevations is formed by yellow sandy soil, green mountain forest is the dominant landscape. From Longchuanwo at the highest elevation (351.65m at "Fanchuan"), however, people can see the badlands of Yueshijie below where nothing grows on the slate.