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District Chief: Yen Chen Yu

District Chief: Yen Chen Yu
Education Background: Master‘s degree
Chief Secretary, East District Office, Tainan County Government

Longci has natural mudstone landscapes due to special geology. In the district, air is fresh, water quality is fine, and people are friendly and humble. While population ageing has become a global trend, the district earned fame as "Longci Longevity Village" in Tainan City. In this agricultural district, pineapples and bamboo shoots are the major agricultural products. Thanks to special geological properties, the bamboo shoot from the district carries a special flavor, thus earning the fame of the "hometown of colorful bamboo" since the colonial period.
The district office is the sensible tentacle of the city government, serves as a "connection" between the city government and people, and extends the work of city government in local areas. Based on the mayor's motto: integrity, diligence, legacy, and innovation, we uphold the spirit "doing things right with the right method" and listen to the voice of local citizens, so as to provide them with multifaceted, high-quality, and thoughtful services.
The prospect of urban and rural development is built upon the expectations for the living environment of citizens, and good planning ability is the key to success. I firmly believe that "only action can prove the value of a goal." With the specific local industrial advantage and folk cultural legacy and by reaching a consensus with local citizens through community building, we hope to promote "one town, one product" and build a livable and quality living environment through concerted efforts with borough chiefs and community citizens, and to market local bamboo craft art through collaboration between public and private sectors, so as to develop the characteristics of Longci. In addition, we will continue to promote various welfare policies to enforce the core value: friendly and happy city for elderly people based on the governance motto: social equality, comprehensive care, ageing in place, and happy and livable city.

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