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The main agricultural products in Longci District are bamboo shoots, pineapples and longan. Due to its special sandy soil, the bamboo shoots and pineapples grown and produced have a special flavor. Especially the bamboo forests show a colorful landscape in all seasons, so Longci is known as the "Hometown of Bamboo Picking".

This area is mountainous and hilly, and because the soil is mostly mudstone and yellow sandy soil, it is quite barren. Therefore, the agricultural products are not rich. Only the production of green bamboo shoots, hemp bamboo shoots and pineapples can be regarded as large quantities. The Guanmiao area is different, so the bamboo shoots and pineapple have a unique flavor. In recent years, the output of pineapple bamboo shoots has surpassed Guanmiao.

Because of the bamboo forests in this area and the tradition of rewarding afforestation, the bamboo weaving industry and forestry are also very important and pivotal projects in the area’s agricultural management.

In recent years, the local farmers’ association has built a traditional Japanese-style bamboo charcoal kiln. Longci bamboo charcoal is made from locally cooked bamboo (4~6 years old). It undergoes spontaneous carbonization in the bamboo charcoal kiln and is refined by a thermal decomposition process that lasts more than ten days. Made of bamboo charcoal. Because bamboo charcoal contains a lot of fine and porous special structure, bamboo charcoal has super adsorption capacity, which can absorb moisture, deodorize and adsorb impurities.

Its far-infrared rays accelerate body warmth and blood circulation. Bamboo charcoal releases negative ions and rich mineral natural energy (trace elements). Water-soluble minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium are three times that of ordinary charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is actually A new recipe for health preservation in the 21st century. Under the guidance of the industry-academic cooperation of the Forestry Laboratory of the Executive Yuan Agriculture Committee, the district combines the characteristics of the district and the mainstream of environmental protection and health in the new century. The bamboo charcoal kiln gives bamboo a brand-new economic value and thus develops Bamboo charcoal related products, including: bamboo vinegar, bamboo charcoal tablets, bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo charcoal quilts, bamboo charcoal pillows, bamboo charcoal health socks, bamboo vinegar shower gel, shampoo, bamboo charcoal noodles, bamboo shoot noodles and other products. Bamboo charcoal has become another special product in Longci District, and the bamboo charcoal products have been sold to various places.
Longci District Farmers Association Consumer Special Line: 06-5940015, Bamboo Charcoal Story Hall: 06-5941730.