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The district was not named after its badland landform. Instead, the district’s Chinese name means “bumpy” as a result of its geological features. Mudstone is everywhere in Longchuan, Niupu, and Shihcao. Due to scouring and erosion over time, different natural landscapes thus formed. With gorgeous scenery and special landforms, Niupu Irrigation Pond becomes a scenic spot and tourist attraction in Longci.

Being scoured, mud contained in mudstone is washed away and ripped off and becomes soil containing rich water-soluble salt. As the soil condition is bad, it is hard for plants to grow, and as clay minerals expand after coming in contact with water, soil and water conservation is extremely difficult. The Fourth Engineering Office of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau thus built in 1999 the Nioupu Mudstone Area Soil and Water Conservation Park in Nioupu Farmer’s Lake Pond area to create opportunities on badlands with six education points: “Gratefulness”, “Badland Rejuvenation”, “Historic and Full of Memory”, “Environmentally Sustainable Circle of Life”, “Building in Water”, and “Ecological Paradise”.

Looking over Caoshan Yueshijie from High 365, the peak of Longchuanwo in Longchuan Borough, is like living in arcadia. The Longchuanwo Hiking Trail Recreational Area is located on an independent mountain range at the intersection of Tainan City and Kaohsiung. It is an ideal spot for watching sunrise, sunset, and stars. (1) Longchuanwo Sunrise Watch; (2) Longchuanwo Hiking Trail; (3) Longci Mud Dome.

Occupying an area of 6.2 hectares, Dakeng Leisure Farm is located on the border between Wushulin in Tuci Borough of this district and Dakeng Borough of Sinhua District. With the Central Mountain Range and Dagangshan Mountains in sight, it is a superb spot for watching sunrise and the cloud sea. In the farm, there are many recreational facilities and great snacks and foods. It is a great place for vacation.

Mt. Huxing is the most famous scenic spot in Qiding Borough. Sitting on the mountain in front of the valley, Mt. Huxing is named so because it looks like a crouching tiger. Natural landscapes include green forests and a deep valley. The Mt. Huxing Bridge (suspension bridge) is another major attraction. The Mt. Huxing Park is the first scenic area and recreational park in the district. With the concern and concerted efforts of past mayors and magistrates, the Mt. Huxing Park is a scenic and recreational forest park occupying an area of nearly five hectares.

In addition to the green forest and deep valley, the suspension bridge is another attraction at the Mt. Huxing Park. The bridge spanning over a 30m-deep valley is surrounded by the blue sky and green forest. Standing on the bridge, it was like “standing between the sky and earth,” forming part of nature. Longci District Office is continuously striving for government support for the second phase of the park. Items in this phase will include a red suspension bridge linking Longci Elementary School, a red brick trail, a lotus pond, parking, etc. to make the park more attractive and better equipped. We hope that the park will be more unique to attract visitors.